frequently asked questions

What Makes Us Different?

Aren't you tired of canned cocktails somehow setting themselves apart from a real cocktail? Without being considerably more expensive, you will not find a cocktail of our quality at the same price point of £6.

That being said we have tried our best to steer clear of using extracts and artificial flavourings in any of our drinks - and we have succeeded!

What is the ABV and Volume of the Cocktails?

The ABV in our current range of cocktails is between 13.6% & 14.8% in cans sizes of 250ml. ABV means alcohol-by-volume, which is always shown as a percentage. However, this can often be somewhat confusing.

Let's use our Mojito as an example, the ABV is 13.6% and with rum being the only alcoholic ingredient, we know the that rum makes up 34% of the total liquid in the can.

In a 250ml can, the total rum is 85ml - almost 2 double shots.

So please, enjoy responsibly!

What is the Delivery Process?

As we are selling alcoholic products, it is very important that we play our part in protecting minors from being able to purchase. Therefore we only deliver sgined for packages.

We have a few delivery options, including next day delivery - with free deliveries on orders over £50.

What is the Shelf Life of the Cocktails?

The shelf of all our range is a recommended 12 months. Although we use a host of fresh ingredients, we are able to do so because our alcohol content is above 10%.

Once opened, please finish within 24hrs.

Are the Cocktails Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly?

All of our cocktails are vegetarian friendly, unfortunately the Grapefruit Margarita is not Vegan.

How Can We Contact You?

That's simple, just email us at