Understanding the Mojito

The mojito is one of the most classic cocktails around, believed to be over 500 years old and discovered by a Privateer sponsored by HM Queen Elizabeth I.

With the authorisation to plunder Spanish cities and ships in The South Americas of their Aztec gold, Francis Drake came across what would one day be called the mojito. At the time, rum was not commonly available and something called "aguardiente" was used instead.

For almost 300 years this drink was known as "The Drake", until the 1800's when aguardiente was replaced with rum, the drink became known as The Mojito.


What makes ours different

After tiring of constant 'bad actors' in regards to Mojito creation, we have taken it on ourselves to stick to how a mojito should be.

An industry standard for a canned mojito seems to be a concoction of artificial flavours, run of the mill sweetners and citric acid in the place of fresh lime. Lets do away with that!

This drink was by far the hardest out of the 3 orginial Tinni's to develop, we've found ways to macerate and bond fresh mint to our other ingredients that allows us bring out the tertiary flavours that you would only expect to experience in your glass at a proffesional cocktail bar.

Natural tannic notes followed by a lingering coolness that plays well amongst the white rum and fresh lime juice.


See below how beautiful simplicity can be!