Understanding a Quarantinni

The Quarantinni is yet another classical cocktail. Dating back to March 2020, this timeless tipple is a parody of the situation we have found ourselves in for the last 2 years and hopefully no further.

However a Quarantinni does not have to be a boozier twist on a Pornstar Martini or a dubious home brew envisioned by a member of GoggleBox. We believe it can be so, so much more!

A Quarantinni should be something that tastefully celebrates the loves and passions of nations world wide. We will start our Endeavour (with more nations in the future) with a British Classic - A Summer Fruit Cup. Hark back to summers lost and summers to come, remember the Pimm's or similair fruit cup cocktails, be it enjoyed in the park, beach or back garden. A complex mix of that bittersweet herbal liqueur and fresh summer fruits, cool mint and tangy citrus - topped with ice and lemonade.


What makes our different?

Now, messing with a Summer Fruit Cup is not something we would do lightly, everyone has their own conception of what constitutes the best that can be. That being said we think a Quarantinni needs to be at least a level-up to qualify.

Rather than having solely fruit cup liqueur topped ice lemonade with a variety of fruit garnishes, we think the fruit should be so much more involved. To level-up this drink we add fruit directly so it can be drunk not looked at. We increase the ABV (just a little) with some London dry gin adding yet more complexity, then topped with a little soda - relying on the fruit for sweetness, not lemonade


See below for how beautiful simplicityh can be!